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Professional Tips for Choosing the Right Drum Shield

A drum shield is a common tool used by audio engineers to control the volume of sound and balance it with other quieter instruments and vocals. Drum shields are normally seen in churches and concert stages where bands perform live music. Drum shields are also used to prevent direct and unfiltered sound, which may be too much, from reaching the audience.

There are many brands of drum shields that are available in the market today. Choosing the right brand of drum shields can be time consuming especially for audio engineers who are constantly busy with other tasks and projects. Here are a few important things every audio engineer should consider when purchasing drum shields.

Audio engineers normally consider the location of the drums when purchasing drum shields. For studio recordings, isolation booths with proper absorption panels will work well. On the other hand, performing stages need acrylic sound shields. It is critical for every audio engineer to purchase the right drum shield because the type of drum shield contributes to the overall quality of sound produced. When drum shields are included in a live performance, the audio quality is significantly enhanced for the audience to enjoy.

Most audio engineers consider the quality of drum shields when making a purchasing decision. Drum shields work by streamlining the sounds produced by the drums to ensure maximum exposure to the audience in the front and the back of the concert hall. The sound produced by the drums needs to integrate with the singer’s voice and other instruments like the piano and the guitar.

The other important factor to consider when purchasing drum shields is the size. There are smaller drum shields that contain four panels while bigger drum shields can have more than six panels. An audio engineer will need to choose drum shields that can easily fit on stage without taking too much space.

Audio engineers can easily find different brands of drum shields online. These days, purchasing drum shields on the internet is easy and straightforward especially since there are many online stores that stock them. Audio engineers only need to use relevant keywords and phrases on search engines to find numerous online stores stocking high quality drum shields. The internet also has reviews from past customers of online stores. These reviews are helpful to audio engineers who are looking for high quality drum shields from reputable brands. Searching online only takes a few minutes making it an effective option for busy audio engineers. The reputation of an online store is an important factor to consider when purchasing drum shields. Stores that are reputable normally stock all the major brands of drum shields. They also provide additional services to their customers such as installation of the drum shields.

Also, audio engineers can find reliable drum shields by asking for recommendations from other professionals in the music industry. Asking for recommendations is the cheapest method of finding reliable brands for drum shields and other musical instruments even if you have limited experience in the music industry.

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